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camera confidence is key!

Confidence Consulting is a type of business-oriented coaching, consulting and accountability in which I coach you to pursue the full possibility of your business’s potential on camera. In the coaching sessions, we work as a partnership to strategically grow your courage on and off camera. Doing this will increase the success of your business as well as your professional life as you move towards prosperity.  I work exclusively with seriously motivated businesses and entrepreneurs in the following areas: 

  • Brand building 

  • Online marketing strategy

  • Content creation

  • Expanding online reach of your brand

  • Social media brand consistency

  • Posing techniques

  • TV interview prep

  • In-studio consulting

  • Public speaking techniques



  • Increase revenue and profits

  • Expand your brand and business reach

  • Learn specific online marketing business skills

  • Define and finesse your branding and reputation

  • Craft a cohesive action plan for growing your confidence

  • Boost clarity about your business vision and big projects

  • Create online marketing strategy to build engagement & reach

  • Differentiate yourself from other brands in your niche

  • Establish you as the expert in your field

Camera Confidence Consulting and Coaching helps you:

What to expect as a client of Confidence Captured

I. Confidence Captured’s Commitment to You


As your coach, in whatever capacity that looks like, I take the opportunity to be a voice of influence in your life very seriously and with great honor. You can expect that I will be your number one cheerleader and that I will hold you to whatever standards of achievement you wish to reach. In our coaching and consulting sessions, you can expect my full attention, probing questions and dynamic conversation about how to make and implement positive change. Each coaching session, 30-minutes to 1 hour in length, will include homework and actionable items for immediate implementation as well as personalized and creative measures for accountability. Additionally, everything disclosed in our sessions will be in full confidence and held private, unless you grant specific permission to share anything with others. My greatest desire is to help you grow and develop into the best version of yourself possible in all areas of life.



II. Your Commitment to Confidence Captured


As a client of Confidence Captured, you are committed to a sincere desire for personal development and growth. You are willing to step outside of your comfort zone, to dig into your emotions and dreams and to take action to overcome the hurdles that have been holding you back from living your best life. You agree to pay for each session 24-hours in advance of the session, or upon receipt of the invoice and you understand that coaching sessions are non-refundable. Additionally, you understand that in order to reschedule a session, you must do so 24-hours in advance of the originally scheduled session or otherwise forfeit the coaching session at full price. Finally, you understand that Shaunii Rawls/Confidence Captured is not a licensed psychologist, nutritionist or medical professional and that her coaching and consulting are intended to be recommendations and guideposts for your growth. How you implement your coaching and consulting is ultimately up to you, as Shaunii Rawls/Confidence Captured 

cannot be held legally responsible for any outcomes.

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